robert levy, partner

senior editor


robert is an editor with many years of still and moving photographic experience  • In between sunning and surfing he graduated with a degree in  fine art photography from brooks institute of photography • santa barbara, ca  •  his career in commercials began on the production side  •  longing to be more creatively involved in the final look of each project, he switched his focus to editorial, freelancing for various editors locally and in new york for the lengendary billy williams  •  moved into editing full time working with accounts ranging from jack in the box, toyota, verizon, time warner cable, mcdonalds to pantene  •  this mid westerner remains deeply committed to the  art of storytelling through images and believes that his job as an editor is to form    visually and emotionally literate communications   from these images 

angela galletta, partner

executive producer


angela graduated from party school, san diego state university with a bs in marketing research  •  art minor  •  immediately after college she started a successful import/export business  •  longing to remain stateside she began her career in post production as an assistant editor in commercials at filmcore  • moving through the ranks she migrated from the editorial side  to management working as post producer and than ultimately as an  executive producer for visual efx shop adventure films and then the spot shot  •  In an effort towards expansion she opened the spot shop, santa monica and recruited the home office's top billing editor, levy....the rest, well... is history